Avant-Gardiste Brand

Avant-Gardiste is a brand dedicated exclusively treasures of Morocco. We have chosen to use only natural Moroccan soil ingredients while guaranteeing products without preservatives, without use of assets from the chemical industry, without dyes, and not tested on animals.


Carefully selected for their exceptional qualities, our ingredients are gently harvested and processed to preserve each of their precious properties.

We believe deeply in the benefits of Argan oil and all other natural oils and products, we test all our products before introducing them to the market and consider that a natural daily care improves your body delicately and in healthier way than all the chemicals products that attack our skin.


Our passion for traditional Moroccan beauty recipes comes with a desire to empower and give confidence to women of all ages and all skin types through their inner and outer beauty. The team strives to share their love of North African traditions for skin and hair care.


All women are beautiful each in their own way, and Avant-Gardiste wishes to be their reflection so  they never forget that nature is their secret ingredient to maintain this beauty.

Beauty tips

We selected the best traditionnal moroccan beauty recipes for better and healthier skin and hair.


100% Organic Products

“Avant-Gardiste” products are the result of years of research for the perfect producer, the perfect product for the best price.